PM Andrew Holness urged Jamaicans to get vaccinated

16 honourees recieved awards during St James parish independence celebrations
16 honourees recieved awards during St James parish independence celebrations

Jamaica: PM Holness said from June 3, the beaches and rivers are being opened, but just for swimming otherwise, the citizens should not disregard the COVID-19 guidelines made to decrease the COVID-19 effect in the country.

PM Holness said that was one that they agonized over because the last time they opened the beaches and rivers, people just took it for free-for-all [and] he was hoping that they would have seen the consequences of that and that they would be more responsible… that was one that they would be monitoring very closely.

PM Said that only 10 people would be allowed to gather at the beach at one time, and only swimming is permitted till now. No gathering like beach parties or beach sports is allowed till time.

The entertainment industry will also get some break to reopen this sector government is planning with some guidelines and keeping in front of parliament.


PM has announced new changes that the curfew starting time for other weekdays will be 9 pm and 8 pm on Saturday and 2 pm on Sunday and the ending time will be same for all days.

PM Holness said that he had seen potentially what could happen, and he was very concerned, but he has also seeing what was happening then in terms of the mood of the people and the economic pressures, and they have been trying to balance.

48,594 new cases have been reported on Monday in Jamaica As of Monday, with 25,485 recovery reports.949 deaths count has reported.

Out of 1,104 samples, 34 were returned positive on Monday. The country’s recovery rate is now 52.4 per cent.

On March 10, the Ministry of Health and Wellness confirmed the first case in Jamaica, a female patient from the United Kingdom on March 4. The health minister reported that the patient has been in isolation since March 9 after showing respiratory symptoms. Following the update, the travel ban imposed was expanded to include France, Germany, and Spain.