Frontline airlines started its service to Sangster International Airport, Jamaica

Frontier airlines starts its service to Sangster International Airport, Jamaica

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Jamaica: Frontier Airlines have started its flight service to Jamaica. Now its route will include Miami, Florida and Jamaica. This decision marks the newest entry of frontier airlines in Sangster International Airport.

The Frontline airline has started their flights to Montego Bay. The schedule of the booked flights is on Monday, Friday and Saturday. 160 passengers were in the inaugural flight of Frontier airline.


The airline’s sales manager, Alfredo Gonzalez, “It was the right time and the right product. With what Jamaica has to offer of wide opened spaces, gorgeous beaches, beautiful resorts, amazing culture, Jamaica’s customers are looking for that.”

The Mayor of Montego Bay, Leeroy Williams, regional director at the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), Odette Dyer, and other tourism officials welcomed the aircraft, crew, and passengers.
Dyer, in her message, spoke of the pent-up demand for travel, arguing that it was the perfect time to introduce these new non-stop flights. “The flights will greatly increase the accessibility to Jamaica from our largest tourism market, the United States,” she stated.

The A320 Airbus with capacity of 186 passengers arrived to a water cannon salute, decked on the inside with the iconic black, green and gold Jamaican flag in the cockpit area.

The advisors will see first-hand the resilience of the destination, which will empower them to promote the island to their clients, said a JTB statement, which was supported by a comment from Dyer that Jamaica’s tourism future was bright and the country looked forward to welcoming new and returning visitors year-round.


The man behind the aircraft controls, Captain Tyler Petersen, said, “I have heard so much about the outstanding food, so I am sad that I can’t stay, but I will be back on my own time,” he promised.
International Frontier passengers can access any other US city via Miami. The airline flies into cities such as Cleveland, Denver and Philadelphia.