Traffic and Law Enforcement got “Go ahead” for ticketing by government

Traffic and Law Enforcement got
Traffic and Law Enforcement got "Go ahead" for ticketing by government

St Kitts: The government of St Kitts and Nevis gave permission to their traffic and law enforcement department to start ticketing the people who are breaking the COVID-19 guidelines for the betterment of public health and safety. The government has made these to slow down the transmission of coronavirus.

While briefing about the current COVID-19 circumstances in National Emergency Operations Centre COVID-19. Superintendent of Police Cromwell Williams stated, “If your passenger buses carry more than 50% passenger capacity, the driver would be liable to be ticketed. If the passengers are not wearing masks on the bus, the passengers would be liable to be ticketed. If you are not practicing social distancing or the sanitization measures, then you will be liable also to be ticketed,”



SP Williams said that they asked that persons avoid these fines, which police have been delaying the use of the tickets for quite a long time. It means that they did not want to use them, so just comply with the regulations and the protocols, and they would not have to use these tickets. SP Williams also said that the fines of the tickets might range from $100 to $500, which are also known as fixed penalty notices.


People have been reminded by the police officer that the proper wearing of a mask is to cover your mouth and nose completely. So that it can decrease the transmission of the virus from others to you or from you to others to some extent. The first fixed fine notice was released for breaking the COVID-19 rules and regulation on August 2020.


In recent times the police and the administration are busy furnishing the quarantine facilities, tracing contacts that can be infected by COVID-19, testing exercise all being done to lower down the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to break the transmission of the virus between people.


Till now, the number of infected persons has reached 68, out of which 4 new cases have been reported on 28th May 2021. The death count till now is fixed to 0, which shows no death due to the COVID-19 virus