Jamaica government to spend $650M under rural development project

Jamaica government to spend $650M under rural development project
Jamaica government to spend $650M under rural development project

Jamaica: The government of Jamaica have announced $650 million for the development of the communities in various parts of the island under the Rural Development Programme. In the beginning first half of this financial year, the programme will first be piloted in Chambers Pen in Western Hanover.

This was revealed by the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Desmond McKenzie, through his participation in the 2021/2022 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives.

Other areas to help cover, Cheswick in Western St. Thomas, Lawrence Tavern in West Rural St. Andrew, Cheesefield in St. Catherine and one community in Clarendon.

Minister stated that the programme would include the installation of water, electricity, Internet access, roads, sidewalks, community parks and indigent housing. They will use this programme to give new life to their rural communities over the next two years.

He appended that the plans would build short and stable employment situations beyond the country when the government will continue its programme of providing block-and-steel cheap houses for chosen members of the helpless population.

The Rural Agriculture Development Authority (RADA) Small Business Development Centre provides interested persons with assistance through consultations and capacity building training sessions to enhance agri-business ventures. From simple ideation, start-up clients are given training on how to start a business, financial management, marketing in the 21 st Century, Sanitation Hygiene and Food Safety and product development.

Working on the development of the rural structure of the country is the first step towards the development of the whole nation. Rural development is mainly focused on providing better sanitation, employment, and education for the people those lives in rural areas.

This year, residences will be established in South-West St. Andrew, Eastern Westmoreland, West Central St. Andrew, Western Westmoreland, Central St. Mary and South-East St. Mary, North-West St. James, Southern St. James.