Shark attack kills a fisherman in Jamaica

Jamaica: A fisherman succumbed to injuries following a shark attack at sea in Jamaica on Saturday near Westmoreland.

Preliminary information described a man as 53-year-old Donovan Haywood ‘Duggie’, who was a resident of Darling Street in Savannah-la-mar in the parish.


According to information, Haywood, along with a group of fishermen of the Russian community in Savanna-la-mar, went to the shores at 8 am for spearfishing at Little Bay in Little London vicinity.

Haywood was reported to be underwater during fishing, where a large-sized shark attacked and ripped off his left arm, leaving severe wounds to his upper body.

However, colleagues said that they tried for about half an hour to get him free from the shark trap after shooting rounds of bullets, following which the shark swam away with Haywood’s arm in its mouth.

After taking him out from the water, he was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

People in the area said that it is the first time such an incident happened. “We have never seen or heard about this ever before,” said a local.