Cayman government exempts PCR test for fully vaccinated

Cayman exempted the PCR test for fully vaccinated travelers those return to the island.

Cayman government exempts PCR test for fully vaccinated
Cayman government exempts PCR test for fully vaccinated

Cayman: The government of the island has removed the PCR testing requirement for those travellers who are returning and have gone through a complete process of vaccination course with the Health Services Authority.

The government also announced that the ban on the Carnival parades would sustain while highlighting the existing COVID-19 regulations.

After the implementation of Regulation 4, it removed the requirement for SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing before boarding a plane for the Cayman Islands. These guidelines apply only if the traveller has completed an entire vaccination course by the HSA against the COVID-19 disease at least two weeks before boarding the flight. The rest protocols are the same without any omitting. The travellers who are fully vaccinated will be quarantined for ten days.

The government also highlighted that the unvaccinated travellers have to undergo 14 days quarantine, and a PCR test that must be 72hrs before the arrival will be required.

The newly amended COVID-19 regulations,2021, will continue until 15 July. The government also issued an exemption for shelters for the 500-person gathering limit when the premises are being used for emergencies.

Emergency shelters for over 500 persons have been permitted indoors only if the premises are being used as an emergency shelter during the disaster or during any rescue operations after the disaster. This change comes weeks ahead of the formal start of the 2021 hurricane season on 1 June. The government also made changes to the prohibitions around carnival-related social events. These events now have the green light to resume in earnest; however, the government has maintained the ban for parades, including carnival parades.

During this time of the enormous spread of the COVID-19 virus, these amendments will be acting as a shield for the citizens on the island, and also it will put a small break on the high pace of the spread of coronavirus all over the world.