300% increase in capacity of Chaguanas health facility to tackle COVID-19

Trinidad and Tobago: The chief executive officer of NCRHA announced a 300% accession in spatial capacity at the Chaguanas District Health Facility.

This was accomplished in nine hours in a collaborative effort among the management and technical staff of the NCRHA, the Ministry of Works and transport, the TTPS, with the support of Geoffrey Wharton Lake’s large events infrastructural expertise. This concerned the closing of the street upon which the district health facility is settled on.


Less than 24 hours after the administration team of the North Central Regional Health Authority met to embrace new systems and rethink frameworks to handle the increasing wave of patients demanding COVID-19 testing and the accommodation of COVID-19 suspected and positive cases, the NCRHA finished another of its goals at the Chaguanas facility overnight.

CEO Thomas said that the NCRHA staff would proceed to defend its high standards in the delivery of healthcare services and keep its commitment to restoring and ensuring that all facilities continue safe environments for members of the public and members of the staff.

“We congratulate their continuing efforts in this regard. We are aware that this requires sleepless nights.”

Thomas added, “In the face of this record breaking wave of COVID-19 positive cases, we have been consistently adapting and creating a way forward to engage the search. We have been assessing the situation and formulating a contingency plans for some time now. I am thankful for the support and diligence of all our essential workers that would have supported and contributed to us realising these changes that were rolled out within less than 24 hours. Special thanks also to the Ministry of Works and the TTPS for their support in ensuring that access to Galt Street is now restricted to facilitate the expansion of this space. This was all hands on deck at its finest and the management, the staff of the NCRHA and the people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are grateful. We are continuously boosting our capacity and building muscle to mitigate challenges arising in the system.”

The NCRHA now has a 300% spatial increase with the temporary closure of Galtd Street which will facilitate more patient accommodation at the facility, within the protocol guidelines and regulations for COVID-19 as it relates to social distancing.

“This improved air-conditioned space will facilitate greater comfort for our medical professionals, nurses, clerical staff who are engaging the COVID-19 with all of their capacity, strength and sagacity. We continued to be proud of them,” CEO concluded.