Dominica launches new procedures for travelers

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Dominica: Dominica’s government has revised its COVID-19 country risk classifications for its travelers.

Caribbean countries have tightened their travel advisories to restrict the spread of coronavirus.


The report says that the government has revised its coronavirus country risk classifications for Dominica passengers based on changes in the number of COVID-19 cases in neighboring countries.

Antigua and Barbuda were reclassified to the high-risk classification just a few days ago. Now passengers to Dominica must submit an online health screening form and submit a negative PCR test where swabs were taken within 24-72 hours of shipment into Dominica.

Upon exiting the port of entry, travelers will provide to a quarantine period of up to 7 days, where a PCR test is taken on day five after shipment, and results are anticipated within 24-48 hours. Travelers must submit themselves to compulsory quarantine and may opt to quarantine at the government-operated facility or a Safe in Nature certified property under a “Managed Experience.”

The Safe in Nature Commitment and Managed Experiences are available to all visitants, including guests from high-risk classified countries visiting Dominica. More information about the Safe in Nature Commitment and Managed Experiences and a complete listing of countries’ risk classification is available online that can be noted.

As we all know, Dominica is a place whose economy is dependent on the tourism sector; hence revising the travel advisories can help to modify and rectify the possible cases and variants of COVID-19.

Not only this, these advisories will help to develop the tourism sector. Tourists can also feel safe, and citizens of Dominica would be safeguarded and can live normally.

This will bring people’s lives back to normal, but there will a sense of relief that can fill joy and happiness in their lives. We all need a life where there is no coronavirus, which is a threat to life, love, and loved ones.

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