Re-implementation of COVID-19 guidelines in St Vincent and Grenadines

Re-implementation of COVID-19 guidelines in St Vincent and Grenadines

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The COVID-19 protocols have been against implementing on the island that was implemented on April 7. Then the protocols have to face many failures due to the Volcanic Eruption of La Soufriere. The Government of St Vincent and Grenadines announced.

Student those were attending the classrooms physically before the volcanic eruption will now have to produce a negative report of COVID-19 PCR test with the consent of their parents.


Prime Minister Montgomery Daniel said that the government would enforce strict laws on the citizens in which they will have to wear the mask. The public has to obey the guidelines of public distancing in public places, which in future will help to mitigate the effect of COVID-19.

The government also released the guidelines for the teachers who are not vaccinated will have to produce a negative PCR test report if they will not be having a negative report with them, they will not be allowed to enter the school premises. The teachers will be having a negative report with them, then they will be tested every two weeks, and the same will be done with the children.

The Acting Prime Minister said that, of course, they might well find that some students might not be tested more than once per month. But it would be very, very much important that the testing be done if the vaccination was not in place.

The government released their COVID-19 related figures, which shows 13 new COVID-19 cases, the total count of COVID-19 cases has reached 2,027 started from March 2020. The figure showed the 12 death with 1,831 recovery cases.184 cases are still active in St Vincent and Grenadines.

Acting PM announced that the gathering would be prohibited. No indoor dining will be supported in the restaurants if there are above 15 people in the restaurant. Outside programs will have a capacity of 20 persons where all must be wearing masks and obeying the rule of social distancing.