The Saint Lucia government took to social media recently to publicize their work on expanding diplomatic relations with eleven African nations.

Saint Lucia strengthens diplomatic relations with 11 African nations

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The Saint Lucia government took to social media recently to publicize their work on expanding diplomatic relations with eleven African nations. Contrary to popular belief, Saint Lucia has established long standing relations with multiple African nations, leading to cordial equations and a large degree of political and economic exchange between them.

In a recent post, the government of Saint Lucia pointed out that they have been working on these relationships with African nations for the past 24 years. Through these efforts, the Caribbean nation has managed to build cordial relations with eleven nations in total, starting with Morocco in 1988.

In recent times, Saint Lucia has worked on expanding their reach in the continent of Africa, specifically with the Ivory Coast in 2022.

Another important development was the role that the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) in helping establish The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Saint Lucia. While other member nations, as well as Saint Lucia have independent relations with African nations, the OECS has been a major contributing factor in expanding relations with the whole region.

The relations have been so effective that an excellent program has also been established for the citizens of OECS member nations. Through this program they can apply for and receive scholarships to study in Morocco. Considering the fact that Morocco is one of the most well-established nations in the education industry, this has proven to be a great opportunity for the citizens of eastern Caribbean nations.

At the current moment, 71 citizens from OECS nations have received the benefits of this scholarship program which is issued on an annual basis.

Saint Lucia in particular, also has an excellent relationship with South Africa. Diplomatic ties were established between the two nations back in December 1996 when channels for diplomatic dialogue were opened. In June 2011, the two nations strengthened ties through Her Excellency Mrs. Mathu Joyini, who acted as the non-resident High Commissioner to Saint Lucia.

As a result, the two nations were able to establish and improve bilateral relations between them. The High commissioner also expanded upon her vison in a statement. She mentioned the interest from both nations in establishing mutually beneficial programs.

She went on to praise the Caribbean for its role in emancipation movements and fighting against slavery, oppression and racism.

Mrs. Mathu Joyini also added that even though the geographic distance between the two nations caused certain constraints, the two nations were poised to overcome them and work together on reducing poverty and achieving their shared goals of sustainable development and stability, both in an economic and social sense.