Grenada Govt launches TAMCC-NEWLO free tuition programme

Grenada Govt launches TAMCC-NEWLO free tuition programme

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St George’s, Grenada: The Government of Grenada recently launched the TAMCC-NEWLO free tuition programme for students, providing them with a better education experience.

According to the update shared by the Government and the Ministry of Mobilisation, Implementation, and Transformation, more than 800 students of the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) and New Life Organisation (NEWLO) gathered at the Grenada Trade Centre on September 4, 2023 (Monday) for the official launch of the TAMCC-NEWLO Free Tuition Programme.

Prime Minister of Grenada, Dickon Micthell, was one of the attendees of the event, where he expressed pride in his administration for delivering its promise and providing high-class education to the Grenadian youth.

As per the official update, PM Dickon Mitchell, in delivering special remarks, underscored that access to quality education is critical for a transformed Grenada with improved quality of life for all people and, as such, the investment towards free tertiary tuition at the TAMCC and NEWLO level is only one measure of his government’s commitment to sustained people development on its Transformation Agenda. In congratulating the students, the Prime Minister advised students to enjoy their time at TAMCC and NEWLO while they endeavour towards a future of endless possibilities.

The event was also attended by the cabinet of ministers, parents, faculty staff and board members of the two institutions. Dr Ronald Brunton, Principal of TAMCC, indicated that the College has already recorded a significant increase in student intake following the grant of free tuition while Sis. Margaret Yamoah, Executive Director of NEWLO, shared that the institute has reached its maximum intake, with many young people keen to benefit from its extensive skills training programme.

As per the reports, Sis. Margaret Yamoah reminded parents that absorption of the tuition cost by the government does not absolve them completely from educational expenses but serves only as a measure to ease their financial burdens.

As such, parents were urged to continue budgeting and saving for other non-tuition education expenses which arise to ensure that students obtain all the support.