Tropical Storm Lee causes concern in the Caribbean

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The mention of Tropical Storm Lee has been making the rounds for the past couple of days and has now become a cause of concern, specifically for Caribbean nations. The US National Hurricane Center (US NHC) recently gave an update on the storm saying that at the moment the storm is located 1315 miles or 2115 kms east of the Lesser Antilles. The concern though, comes from the fact that the storm is gaining momentum and is likely to develop into a major hurricane.

According to the update, if the storm continues to progress along its current trajectory, it is likely to reach the Caribbean by the weekend. The NHC has also voiced its concern over the rapid rate at which the storm continues to intensify. They are monitoring Tropical Storm Lee and are likely to categorize it as a full-blown hurricane very soon.

A warning has also been issued to the Leeward Islands in particular which are likely to experience the first landfall of the storm by this weekend. Details of the exact location of impact and the magnitude of the storm are not yet clear though.

According to the latest update from the National Hurricane Center Maimi, the storm had achieved sustained winds of 50mph or 85kmph and was moving west-northwest at 16mph or 26kmph. The forecast states that the storm will develop into an extremely dangerous hurricane by Friday as it moves over very warm waters.

Epidemiologist and health economist Eric Feigl-Ding, on Wednesday warned that this was a worrisome forecast because the new predictions show the storm moving in a more westerly and southerly direction than predicted earlier.

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 20th and Tropical Storm Lee is the twelfth named storm of this season.

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration gave an update in August which stated that this hurricane season would bring activity beyond the normal levels.

At 5pm AST, the eye of the storm was located at latitude 13.2 north, longitude 41.8 west. The storm’s force winds were extending up to 70 miles or 110 kms from the center.

These updates are quite significant for the Caribbean because the region is known for its close proximity to the systems that develop during the Atlantic hurricane season. The region is often affected by major storm systems and a loss of life and livelihood is not uncommon. Considering this, it is but natural for the authorities, public officials and academicians of the region to display concern over these recent developments.

While the region keeps a close eye on the progress of Tropical Storm Lee, the world watches with bated breaths to see which direction this possible natural calamity will take. Needless to say, in the event that the storm develops into a hurricane and makes landfall, the outcome for the region will not be a pleasant one.

Thus, the authorities in the region are making regular efforts to collaborate with major institutions like the US National Hurricane Center (US NHC) to ensure that they can stay updated on the progress of the storm. This initiative is an essential undertaking as the lives and properties of many citizens and government institutions depend on it.

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