UN Barbados & OECS welcome candidates for job position United Nations Examining Physicians

UN Barbados & OECS welcome candidates for job position United Nations Examining Physicians

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United Nations for Barbados and Organisation for Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) has recently informed the general public about the availability of the jobs for the position “United Nations Examining Physicians (UNEPs)”.

Through social media, the organisation called interested candidates from ten (10) Caribbean States to come and apply for the position.

In addition to this, the UN Barbados and OECS outlined the names of the territories which are having vacancies for the specified position.

Territories with Vacancies are as follows:
Anguilla – number of vacancies: 5,
Antigua and Barbuda – number of vacancies: 5,
Barbados – number of vacancies: 1,
British Virgin Islands – number of vacancies: 4,
The Commonwealth of Dominica – number of vacancies: 4,
Grenada – number of vacancies: 4,
Montserrat – number of vacancies: 5,
St Kitts and Nevis – number of vacancies: 4,
Saint Lucia – number of vacancies: 1, and
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – number of vacancies: 5.

In addition to this, the organisation appealed to the public to come and join hands as well as contribute towards the well-being of the UN professionals.

“If you’re a dedicated medical professional, we invite you to apply for the role of United Nations Examining Physician (UNEP),” UN Barbados and OECS mentioned through its official social media handle.

Furthermore, key requirements for the position were mentioned:
To be considered for this role, candidates must have:

– Doctorate (MBBS/MBChB/MD) in medicine with sub-specialisation in General Practice/Family medicine/Internist.
– A minimum of five (5) years of continuous clinical experience as a GP or internist.
– A valid license to practice.

Additionally, the duties and responsibilities of UNEPs will play a vital role in the following:

– Conducting pre-employment and periodic medical examinations.
– Performing exit medical examinations.
– Providing assistance and recommendations for medical evacuations.

As per the update, the application deadline will be September 29, 2023 (Friday). “Your expertise and dedication can make a difference,” the organisation mentioned.