Jamaica: Former national awardee killed, nation mourns loss

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Manchester, Jamaica: The former winner of the Prime Minister’s National Youth Award for Agriculture and Agro-Processing, Ceejay Cunningham shot and killed in a fatal shooting attack. The incident is reported to have taken place in Davyton, Manchester on Friday evening.

As per the reports, Cunningham was among a group of men at a house, doing tiling, when gunmen approached them and opened fire. This incident resulted in the death of the former awardee and injuries to another man who is currently in a hospital and in stable condition.

The Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness also extended condolences on demise of Ceejay Cunningham. He described him as a promising young entrepreneur who has made continuous efforts for the development of his community.

He further added that Ceejay’s innovative approaches to farming have played a huge role in elevating the agriculture department of the island nation. “His dedication to his community were visible in every aspect of his work,” noted Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Cunningham completed his graduation from Southwest TVET Institute and obtained several certificates from HEART/ NSTA. He has made several significant contributions to the enhancement of the agricultural sector of the nation, ensuring overall development of the country as a whole.

With his tiring efforts and determination, he has created a huge positive impact on the young minds of the country. He also played a key role in motivating the citizens to take measures to lead their nation towards sustainability.

He became a source of inspiration for all the citizens and was considered as an uplifting figure in the communities of Chantilly and Davyton. His outstanding achievements and the Prime Minister award are a testament to his unwavering commitment and dedication towards the field.

This shocking incident left the people of the entire area shaken and they extended condolences to the family members of the deceased through their social media accounts.
One user with Facebook handle Louise Jackson Henry wrote “OMG!!! What on earth is going on. My deepest condolences to the family and friends.”

Another person with Facebook account Tasheka Lisa Wright commented the following “Mighty God of Daniel have mercy on us. Only God knows that you were such a humble soul. My condolences to your entire family and friends.”

“Such sad news! I was the one who took this picture. I went to his farm last year February after he won the award. I had a great interview with him. I’ll remember his pleasant personality,” wrote another user.

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