Jamaica: Police recovers Pistol and ammunition in Fairview Avenue, arrests one

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Kingston, Jamaica: The police executed an operation in Fairview Avenue on Thursday, which resulted in the recovery of a pistol and ammunition. The officers arrested a male suspect in connection to the finding.

According to the reports, the investigating officers assigned to St Andrew South Division were informed about the firearm and ammunition and they responded to the matter and arrived at the location.

Upon arrival, they searched the premises and discovered .45 pistol with magazine containing seven rounds of ammunition in Fairview Avenue at Kingston. The man present at the house was immediately taken to the police custody.

The reports further revealed that the identity of the man is being withheld till the further investigation is pending. The court date of the accused is yet to finalised till then he will remain under police custody.

In addition, the Jamaica Constabulary Force has recently released its latest crime statics report, according to which, it has been mentioned that the country’s murder toll has surpassed 300 mark.

While, there is decline in the rape incidents and break-ins cases in the nation. The Commissioner of Police, Kelvin Blake is currently focusing to implement measures for tacking the problem of illegal imports of illegal firearms and ammunition.

Speaking in a press briefing during his address on the day of his appointment, he said that with the untiring efforts and dedication of the Jamaica Police Force, there was a seven per cent increase in the gun seizures and forty-one per cent increase in the ammunition seizures.

The people across the nation expressed their opinions regarding the matter through their comments on the social media (Facebook). Some of the comments read as,

“This is very serious. Police have to stop this. Government of our country should work hard to stop importing of pistols. It will dangerous for general people”, quotes one FB user.

“Man will sent to prison. No bail for such offense. The pistol can cause violence which is harmful for the people. Good work officers”, commented another.

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