WCO extends support to Custom and Excise Department of Antigua and Barbuda

WCO extends support to Custom and Excise Department of Antigua and Barbuda

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St John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: The Custom and Excise Department of Antigua and Barbuda received support from the World Customs Organisation – Organisation Mondiale des Douanes (WCO).

It has been anticipated that the department has been planning to reform and modernise the customs procedures across the nation.

According to the official update by the government of Antigua and Barbuda, the officials of the WCO were on a working visit to Antigua and Barbuda for over a week. During this time, the officials met with the Senior Management of the nation and also visited numerous ports of entry to get real-time experience of the process.

Furthermore, the government informed that various discussions were held to increase the efficiency and to develop an action plan to make sure that Customs reform and modernisation plan is continued.

The Antiguan government has further notified that the officials of the World Customs Organisation will be there in Antigua for the upcoming week, too. It has been outlined that the Customs Officials will interact with the WCO officials. They will also participate in the WCO Consultation Mechanism Training.

As per the update, the training will target areas such as fostering change, reform and modernisation, strategic planning, communication, legal, in-field etc.

World Customs Organisation:

The World Customs Organisation (WCO) was established in 1952 as an independent intergovernmental body. The establishment of the Customs Co-operation Council (CCC), whose mission is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Customs administrations.

Nowadays, the Organisation represents 185 Customs administrations around the world. As per the organisation’s update, the WCO collectively process approximately 98 percent of the trade in the world. As the global centre of Customs expertise, the WCO is the only international organisation with competence in Customs matters and can rightly call itself the voice of the international Customs community.