Brendan Williams to attend first session of the MEMOS XXVI programme
Brendan Williams to attend first session of the MEMOS XXVI programme
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Roseau, Dominica: The former high jump star of the Commonwealth of Dominica – Brendan Williams, will be attending the first session of the MEMOS XXVI programme. The programme is currently ongoing in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Reportedly, Williams will become the third Dominican athlete to participate in the MEMOS programmes, according to the update shared by the Dominica Olympic Committee.

The Committee explained the mission and significance of the organisation and stated that the MEMOS (Executive Masters in Sport Organisations Management) mission is to help professionals working in national or international sports bodies to develop the knowledge required in order to better manage their organisations.

In addition to this, the Committee also extended its best wishes and greetings towards the athlete. Dominica Olympic Committee expressed, “We wish him all the best.”

Brendan Williams has always made the nation proud at every stage. Seeing his passion and dedication towards the nation and his sport, he was appointed as the Chair of the Commonwealth Advisory Commission (CGF) and Athletes Advisory Commission (AAC).

As per the reports, also securing this position, he became the first Caribbean athlete in history to chair the International Sports Federation’s Athletes Commission.

Williams became the new chair of AAC and the Athletes Representative on the CGF Executive Board on March 31, 2021. He served in the position until the conclusion of the CGF General Assembly.

While getting the position, Williams replaced Rhona Toft, a former hockey player from Scotland. He was known to be one of the leading goal-scorers. Toft represented his nation in three (3) Commonwealth Games, i.e. 1998, 2002 and 2006.

During this appointment, Williams garnered praise and lauding from the President of CGF – Dame Louise Martin, who expressed that he is glad to see the appointment of Brendan Williams as the new Chair of the CGF Athletes Advisory Commission.

In addition to this, Martin outlined that he can proudly claim that Williams will act responsibly and will be an exceptional leader. In this regard, he further stated that this new appointment will inspire each and every Commonwealth athlete.

Sports achievements of Williams:

Williams represented his nation in the Commonwealth Games at Delhi 2010 and Glasgow 2014.

He became the Caribbean representative of the CGF AAC from the year 2018 to its formation.

He serves as the Chair of the Dominica Athletes Commission.

Williams is a board member of the Dominica Olympic Committee and the Athletes Commission of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC).