Dominica: Ministry of Tourism celebrates success of Summer Day Breakfast Fete 2023

Dominica: Ministry of Tourism celebrates success of Summer Day Breakfast Fete 2023

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Roseau, Dominica: Ministry of Tourism of the Commonwealth of Dominica shared a glimpse of the Summer Day Breakfast Fete 2023. Ministry felt delighted while announcing the success of the event.

According to the update shared by the Ministry, the event became unforgettable because of the performances made by incredible local artists.

The tourism authorities of Dominica shared exciting and mesmerising photographs of the event, which showed all the smiling faced of the attendees.

While sharing the cheerful and happy glimpse, the Ministry outlined, “What a Masterpiece – Summer Day Break Breakfast Fete 2023. Thanks to the incredible Bouyon Boss, Asa Bantan, for curating such an unforgettable event.”

Additionally, the Ministry stated that the vibes were unmatched, and the energy was off the charts.

Furthermore, it fuelled the carnival enthusiasts and revellers and asked them to join the Island Tour WetFete on Monday, August 14, 2023.

“But the party is not yet over. Rest up and recharge because Monday brings a whole new definition of Fun! Join us to Discover Dominica’s beauty and culture with the Island Tour WetFete – an adventure like no other!” updated the Tourism Ministry.

It is worth mentioning that the Commonwealth of Dominica is widely recognised as a tourist-friendly destination. Such events, carnivals and festivals attract large junk of travellers and tourists to the location, bolstering the tourism sector of the Caribbean nation.

Located in the Caribbean Sea, the nation of profoundly known for its scenic views, culture and heritage, people and ambience, as well as the celebrations. Along with this, land of mountains, lakes, beaches and rainforests – the Commonwealth of Dominica is a destination on everyone’s bucket list.