Minister Melissa Skerrit unveils ambitious Urban Development budget measures for Dominica

Minister Melissa Skerrit unveils ambitious Urban Development budget measures for Dominica

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Roseau, Dominica: Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, Minister of Housing and Urban Development and the Parliamentary Representative of Roseau, shared the budget measures proposed by the Ministry.

These measures were introduced by the Housing Ministry during the National Budget 2023-2024 address on August 1, 2023 (Tuesday). While sharing the details regarding the major budget allocations, Melissa Skerrit noted, “Ministry of Housing and Urban Development; Urban Development projects announced during the 2023-2024 fiscal year budget debate on Tuesday.”

Urban Development Portfolio, shared by Melissa Skerrit, covered some important agendas by the Government and Ministry of Housing, including the Roseau Enhancement Project, Urban Oasis Capital Project and Dominica Club Renovation.

According to the Ministry of Urban Development, the following initiatives will be taken during the fiscal year 2023-2024:

• Transforming Roseau into a modern city and a hub for commercial activity
• Physical planning reported 288 applications for permission to build within the last six months.
• In the urban areas, a total of 30 applications were made, making requests for planning to approve new buildings.

Roseau Enhancement Project:

• The project will begin with Great George Street and Virgin Lane
Roseau is becoming an entertainment destination
• Stadium forecourt use increase due to an increase in activities
• Regional promoters will be hosting events locally
• 14 new businesses have opened on the Riverside Promenade
• A multi-purpose entertainment facility will be constructed in Roseau;
• Attractions and activities will be hosted that will cater to a wide target audience
• Amenities such as a bowling alley, miniature indoor golf, dance theatre, movie theatre, a restaurant, shopping, and various entertainment options; will be organised. The Ministry plans to include age-appropriate activities, such as an amusement park area or water park.

Urban Oasis Capital Project:

• Upgradation of the Botanic Gardens, including the installation of greenhouses and hydroponics
• Paint the Town Initiative will be organised
• It will involve local artists, volunteers, and community members working together to repaint homes, businesses, and public spaces, transforming them into vibrant works of art.
• The establishment of Bay Front upliftment and New Vendor Arcade support the proposal by the Ministry of Tourism to invest in the modernisation of the Bay Front.
• Provide the registered vendors with modern stalls and necessary facilities in an appropriate area.

Dominica Club Renovations:

• Construction of a recreational, sports and entertainment venue.
• Rehabilitate two tennis courts and create spaces for sports such as pickle-ball, squash and roller skating.
• Commissioning of skates to rent, music, party lights, spaces for parties and group events and kiosks for concessions.
• Development of a commercial kitchen, small Agro-processors can utilise this facility to masterbatches and produce in bulk for export.