(Right) MP for Barataria/ San Juan- Saddam Hosein (Left) Mufti Menk

Motivational speaker Mufti Menk visits Trinidad and Tobago

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International motivation speaker, Mufti Menk visited Trinidad and Tobago during his special visits in the Caribbean. MP Saddam Hosein, while sharing a Facebook post expressed that he is honored with a visit from an international beacon of peace and understanding.

He added that Now, if someone had told me years ago that a spiritual leader of such global prominence would make a special request to visit our shores, I’d have asked them what they were daydreaming about. But it happened.

MP for Barataria/San Juan, Saddam Hosein further expressed that the excitement in his words was palpable, almost as if one could hear the pride in his voice while reading. He spoke of the honor and privilege of having spent time in the company of Mufti Menk. And trust me, that’s no everyday guest.

Locals added that it’s not just about hosting a prominent figure. It’s about the messages and life lessons he brought with him. “I’ve always believed that Trinidad and Tobago is a melting pot of cultures, religions, and beliefs. And Mufti Menk’s lectures? They fit right in. They aren’t just lessons from the Quran; they are life truths that resonate with everyone, regardless of where you come from or what you believe in. To treat every person with dignity? That’s universal. Because at the end of the day, as he often says, we’re all cut from the same divine cloth,” said Trinidad and Tobago based admirer of Menk.

“You know what got me a bit teary-eyed? The genuine affection and warmth he felt from our people. I mean, we Trinbagonians are known for our big hearts and even bigger Carnival celebrations, but to have someone of his stature acknowledge that warmth? It’s a pat on the back and a gentle reminder that we’re doing something right,” he added.

Many added that while speaking of doing things right, a big shoutout needs to go to “Muslim Events TT”. Organizing an event of this scale isn’t a walk in the park.

“In wrapping up my musings on this unforgettable visit, here’s a little wish I share with MP Hosein – Mufti Menk, if by any chance you’re reading this, our islands await your return. There are more people to inspire, more hearts to touch, and definitely more Trinidadian delicacies to relish!” said another resident of Trinidad and Tobago.