Saint Lucia: Castries-based HelpAWS shares its Déjà vu experience, read here
Saint Lucia: Castries-based HelpAWS shares its Déjà vu experience, read here

Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares the “Déjà vu” experience. The Castries-based dog shelter informed that these four little ones were abandoned, and workers nearby brought them to our shelter. After hearing their cries, they started feeding them, but now that the pups are a bit bigger and more active, they have decided they are “too noisy” and don’t want them around anymore. There were originally 5 in the litter, but one of the workers took one home before the rest were brought to the organisation.

“This is a surprisingly similar story to when we took in the Copra factory litter a few months back, and we are all feeling a bit of Deja Vu!” it mentioned.

As per the post, sadly, the stories of most of the pups the shelter takes in have many similarities. Whether they are born under a building, in a pile of rubbish, or in someone’s yard or workplace, the fact remains that the place has an overabundance of little lives born into horrid, dangerous conditions. “We are thankful for the people who take care of these pups up until they reach us; otherwise, they most likely would not have survived. And we are grateful that they chose to bring them to us rather than disposing of them in some cruel or inhumane way,” it highlighted.

The organisation further outlined that now that they are here, we plan to love them as they’ve never been loved before – literally! We know it will take a few days to settle into their new environment, but their life before they got to us will not dictate the quality of their lives from this day on. These little beans will soon forget what it was like to be hungry, scared, or alone, and their personalities will shine through as they realise they will never have to struggle to survive again. Only good things are ahead, our little loves!

“If you would like to help us help them, please send your donations to using e-transfer, PayPal, or Zelle or to @helpaws using Venmo. Don’t forget about our Valentine’s Day FUNdraiser, too! With each $35 donation made, you will receive a set of 4 adorable Valentine’s Day e-cards via email, and you’ll be entered into the raffle to win an amazing gift card out of the three. Include the name of a special someone (two or four legs) in your donation message, and we will add them to our heart tree at the shelter!” it stated while outlining the donation procedure.