Saint Lucia: Meet new HelpAWS family member
Saint Lucia: Meet new HelpAWS family member || Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS Facebook
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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the Castries-based animal welfare organisation, has introduced a little puppy who was taken to the family after spending their days in rubbage, wood and metal. While introducing the pup, the organisation stated, “Sweet Louis is part of the Augier litter, a group of babies that were living in the midst of rubbage, wood and metal. Rescuing them was quite the challenge, as they kept scurrying deeper into the pile, but we were eventually able to coax them out.”

According to the introductory post by the organisation, Louis has been the sweetest, most gentle baby from the start. When an individual thinks of the term “puppy dog eyes”, one has to think of Louis. He L-O-V-E-S belly and chest rubs and will stare into a person’s soul and melt one’s heart the entire time an individual is giving him scratches.

“This boy is the perfect mix of love and spunk. He’s a go-with-the-flow kind of guy who plays hard and loves harder. We are stumped as to why he hasn’t been snatched up yet; he’s the only one of the litter not adopted yet. What’s going on here?” the post by HelpAWS read.

It furthermore added, “We know Louis’ perfect match is out there, and we need your help to find it! If you’ve been thinking about adopting and you want the most loveable, sweetest, goofball soul-pal, this is your boy! If not, please help us get him adopted by sharing his post in the hopes of reaching his perfect family.”

While stating about the adoption method, HelpAWS asked to visit the website,, to check out Louis’ bio and submit an adoption application. The interested candidate can also see his litter’s highlight reel on our Instagram page. But be careful, guaranteed he will steal your heart!