Read Here: Pledges for reduction of cost of living by ABLP before general elections 2023
Read Here: Pledges for reduction of cost of living by ABLP before general elections 2023

Antigua and Barbuda: General elections in the twin-island country of Antigua and Barbuda are around the corner, and the political parties have been working days and nights to gather love and support from the general audience. According to the announcement by Prime Minister Gaston Browne, the elections will be conducted on January 18, 2023 (Wednesday).

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party has been doing the same and has been grabbing the attention of the population of the country. ABLP has been conducting rallies, doing door-to-door campaigns and introducing new measures, which will be implemented after the political alliance is elected by the people.

On January 6, 2023, ABLP introduced new pledges to decrease the cost of living in the country. ABLP stated, “Our pledge to the people of Antigua and Barbuda”.

The pledges made by the party are:

• No increase in Antigua Barbuda Service Tax (ABST)
• To remove duty on security systems as well as alternative green energy
• There will be no ABST on essential food, and no ABST will be implemented on items of hygiene and for infants
• To continue programmes for reduction or removal of ABST on goods at seasonal times
• Products for homes and businesses
• Locally grown and more affordable food
• Where possible, ABST will be reduced on more products
• To decrease the cost of electricity and water through the use of
• Renewable and green sources of energy

Picture Courtesy: ABLP Facebook

• Two (2) years to ensure that all persons in both sectors
• Between retirement as well as receipt of social security pensions
• To incentivise further the agriculture as well as fisheries sectors to provide
• To adopt legislation that will be the same for the retirement age for all workers
• In the public as well as the private sector with, the age at which social security
• There will be no gap in the period, and pensions will be payable
• The current negotiations will be completed
• The income and pensions of public servants will increase immediately after
• A system of mandatory review of minimum wage will be introduced