Antigua and Barbuda: ABLP Chairman EP Chet Greene slams UPP for tricking private sector employees

Antigua and Barbuda: ABLP Chairman EP Chet Greene slams UPP for tricking private sector employees

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Antigua and Barbuda: Chairman of Antigua Barbuda Labour Party, EP Chet Greene, slammed the United Progressive Party for tricking the people of the nation who has been already earning more. In the official statement, the chairman stated, “The promises made by UPP are fake; the raise in the minimum wage to $10 an hour was just short of grandstanding.”

He highlighted that the majority of people of Antigua and Barbuda have been working in the public sector and have already been earning more than $10 an hour. The statement was shared by the political party hours after UPP published a statement that it would raise the minimum wage if elected. Greene said that the public has been earning $10 an hour, which shows that UPP has been making fake promises and is just an effort to deceive the electorate.

Chairman Greene mentioned that the UPP has been making promises which are providing less than recent services enjoyed by public servants.

The chairman further highlighted that just a few weeks ago, the government led by ABLP increased the legal minimum wage for all workers to $9.00. It informed that the ABLP made all the decisions after consultation with the private sector representatives.

In addition to this, Greene stated that only a few numbers of unskilled workers working in the private sector have already been working more than $10 an hour or more. He mentioned this promise is just trickery and there is no actual benefit to the majority of workers.

He was quoted saying, “The government of ABLP has recently decided to increase the legal minimum pay scale from $8.20 to $9.00, depending on the skills of a person. This decision was taken after consultation with the private sector.” Greene further claimed that it is compulsory to work according to the bar set by the administration; one can stay within the sum of money they can afford.

He concluded his statement and outlined that UPP did not even bother to talk with the private sector and just announced a promise which is trickery, and no one should be fooled.