PM Rowley announced weekend curfew in the country

Trinidad and Tobago registers 185 new COVID-19 cases and 4 new deaths
Trinidad and Tobago registers 185 new COVID-19 cases and 4 new deaths

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said that the restrictions introduced by the government on the additional curfews during the Indian Arrival Day and Corpus Christi Public holidays were successful.

As new strains have started infecting the country due to this reason PM, Rowley announced that on every weekend in the going month, they decided to change the curfew hours mandating everyone to be indoors by 7 p.m. as before it was from 9:00 p.m.

Only essential workers and the citizens with emergency services requirements will be permitted by the government to be out at the curfew timings. PM also said that after surveying the country’s performance during the pandemic, the medicine that they provide during the stay home arrangement had been proved beneficial till now.

PM Rowley said that was working, and if that has been working, they would need to use that. So especially for the month of June as they brighten their perspective with vaccines being available, that was an indication that things were looking a little better going in the right direction, and they could relax a little bit more, not too much, but as things were going in the right direction, they might keep that to go in that direction and help that to go in that direction.

The citizens are not supposed to do what they think they want when the curfew is not in effect. Rowley told the citizens to obey the COVID-19 guidelines if there is not any curfew in the daylight.

PM Rowley also stated that it was their intention to vacci­nate and operate. Going forward from next week, they would be encouraged to vaccinate and operate. As we advanced to do that, the Ministry of Health would have specific programmes interfacing with the private sector, and the private sector could perform a vital role in getting their staff vaccinated.