Trinidad and Tobago re-opens the border after 16 month closure

PM Rowley paid his greeting on “Indian Arrival Day 2021”

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On the 176th Anniversary of “Indian Arrival Day 2021” PM, Dr Keith Rowley paid his greetings to the people of East India on this day.

The 176th anniversary marking the arrival of the first bounded, East Indian labourers on this island, their historical circumstances can not be forgotten, Their lengthy and hazardous journey from Kala-Pani between their homes, and the eventual docking of the Fatel Razack in May 1845.

PM Rowley said that many reasons had been advanced for their individual contractual decisions for journeying from the massive sub-continent to the little known Caribbean colony. Still, collectively they held a dream for themselves and their descendants in a place they called “Chinitat”.

Today, their descendants have gone on, alongside the other groups, which all stand proudly in our cosmopolitan State, making our individual contributions towards the building of an independent nation, at the same time holding to their centuries-old customs and values, including entrepreneurship and economy.

This day is widely celebrated Every year, within recent times, this day is widely celebrated with arranging fares and again acting of the arrivals of the Indian laboures of Fatal Razack, this year this seems to be little difficult because due to COVID-19 guidelines, no such gatherings have taken place on the Island.


The COVID-19 pandemic has upended societies worldwide and opened us to the challenges of a whole new world. It is acknowledged that people choose the direction of their lives and also how and when to push their worlds and their societies.

It is now all a matter of individual responsibility. If we look beyond, we may see the opportunities for change, first, in our personal lives and the possibilities for more comprehensive national socio-economic reform.

Our future then lies in every immigrant group committing to the shaping of a new Trinidad and Tobago in the post-Covid world.


It is now all a matter of Trinidad and Tobago‘s survival.