The construction of 190 low-income homes in Cummings Lodge is on a surge, according to the government of Guyana. But people of Guyana are telling a different story

190 low-income homes in Cummings is leading- a lie or truth?

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Guyana: Being a social animal, human seeks for their dream house where they can feel themselves and live happily with their loved ones.

The construction of 190 low-income homes in Cummings Lodge is on a surge, according to the government of Guyana. But people of Guyana are telling a different story that can literally trigger several questions.

People of Guyana telling their pain

A resident of Guyana commented on Facebook, “This doesn’t make any sense because I’ve been there today since 5:30 am, and all there doing is telling me to update, and this nonsense has been going now for 13years now.”

She continued, “First of all, when we had an update today, the girl said they check upstairs booth 5 or 6 because we got an offer; when we go upstairs, they have a list of names where my mother name was highlighted, and it said Covent garden, and then they’re saying they don’t have anything.”

Furthermore, she added; what is really going on in the housing Ministry of Housing & Water; how long does it take to get it is almost 15years now. I lately got a baby. I can’t afford to be there every Wednesday since 5 in the morning and got no resolution until midday; it seems as tho the rich is getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer because we don’t have money to push the application in housing.

Another resident asked, “I hope this is not another bushy place cause all the schemes is bush growing, no maintenance of the property.”

Govt’s take on the construction of 190 Low-Income homes

The People’s Progressive Party(PPP) stated Homeownership dreams for some 190 Guyanese are closer to realization, as the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) forges ahead with the government’s development agenda.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin D Croal attended Cummings Lodge, where the homes are being constructed for low-income earners. 

Govt declared that Homes built under the program would be two-bedroom elevated houses measuring approximately 20×30 square feet. 

These projects fall under the record-breaking $13.9 billion in contracts signed on March 16, 2021, by the Ministry and CH&PA. Works on the low-income houses began in late March 2021 and are expected to be completed within the next four months.

Along with the Minister were Chief Executive Officer of CH&PA, Mr Sherwyn Greaves, Permanent Secretary of the -Ministry of Housing and Water, Mr Andre Ally, Supervisory Engineer, Mr Cy Rodrigues, and several engineers attached to the Projects Department of CH&PA.

190 low-income homes in Cummings is a lie?

If the government proposed and promised to operate a scheme and project, then it is their accountability to work in that manner for the service of people.

190 low-income homes in Cummings can’t be a lie as 190 families are dependent on these houses. They are living in hope for their dream house despite their low incomes.

If people are asking questions, then the leading of the project is must be not true, and the government should take action on their people’s requirements and questions.

However, if this project will take such a long time, it would be challenging for the people to wait so long for their houses. Government must induce such technicalities that can build the project soon.

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