Ghost vessel found abandoned on the Tobago’s shores

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Tobago: The ghost vessel has been found abandoned on the shores of Tobago with 15 dead bodies in it. The authorities are saying that this is the same vessel the Guyana authorities saw on February 15 2021

It was seen by the Guyanese authority 83 nautical miles off Guyana on February 15. the person who has seen this boat have defined it that it as a ship of 20-25 feet long and it does not have any engine and have some dead bodies in it.

The same identified boat have been found on the Tobago Atlantic shore. It has 14-15 dead bodies, and out of all, they found a skull and some bones that is supposed of the 15th person. No identification has been made yet by anyone, but all dead bodies are wearing tracksuits.

The Authorities are saying the boat is supposed to come from the open Atlantic ocean from the side of Africa. This can be said based on the drift pattern of the boat.

However, it could not be located when resources were mobilised and sent to the area.

According to the last location and directions of the water currents, the Guyanese authority said the boat is supposed to be in Trinidad and Tobago’s territorial waters.

There was also speculation that the boat may have sunk.
In March, a similar fishing vessel was found off Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast with six decomposing bodies aboard.

Nicaragua’s Interior Ministry said a Republic of Guinea passport belonging to a 31-year-old man was found on one of the bodies. All the victims may have died from dehydration and heatstroke.

Migrants from Africa’s west coast often make the perilous journey aboard rickety boats in an attempt to get to Europe, with some vessels sinking and others drifting into the open Atlantic.

A vessel turned up off Barbados with eleven petrified corpses in its cabin in late 2006 The authorities said the men, who all died from starvation, had set out from the coast of West Africa headed to the Cape Verde Islands.


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