Europe claims over CVST by Astra Zeneca’s inoculation are not certain: Dr Ahmed

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Dominica: Recently, Dominica has built several Health and Wellness centres in the nation. It is a milestone for Dominica in the field of the health sector. The nation is working tirelessly to develop its health industry firmer and effective.

On the 9th of April 2021, The Ministry of Health in Dominica organized a COVID-19 Health Press Briefing.


Dr Irving McIntyre, Health-Wellness Minister & New Health Investment, Letitia Lestrade-Wyke, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, National Epidemiologist of Dominica, Dr Shalauddin Ahmed, Director of Primary Healthcare, Dr. Gilda Nesty-Tonge were present in the respective COVID-19 Health Press Briefing.

National Epidemiologist of Dominica, Dr Shalauddin Ahmed, discussed the COVID-19 update in Dominica. There are 6 active cases and 163 recovered cases, and there are no deaths due to COVID-19. 

He declared that all the cases in the nation are ‘imported’, which came from the United States. They have valid negative PCR results prior to travelling to Dominica and an asymptotic body state. Several of the cases did have infections in the past, so that their current positive status may not be the result of a new infection. 

He added, “Currently, those visitors are in isolation and under observation to restrict the spread of the virus.”

“So far, COVID-19 remains sporadic in Dominica,” stated Dr Ahmed.

Dr Ahmed announced that Dominica’s vaccination drive against lethal coronavirus had administered to 17,831 people with the first dose and 461 people with their second dose of vaccine.

He also announced that Dominica had not encountered any severe- side effects due to the respective vaccines. 

On the clotting issue of Oxford Astra Zeneca, The WHO organisation on vaccine safety submitted a declaration on 16-19 March 2021 virtually that reviews ‘thrombocytopenia‘, which is used for low platelets after vaccination on Oxford Astra Zeneca, stated by the National Epidemiologist of Dominica.

Oxford Astra Zeneca continues to impact positive effect and reduce death rates and infections from Covid-19. Available data does not suggest an overall escalation in clotting cases. He stated that these cases occur naturally and are uncommon.

He continued, “Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis” (CVST) have also been reported because of Astra Zeneca vaccine inoculation in Europe; however, they are not certain that it happened because of vaccine inoculation.

The European Medical Agency and Risk Management have revealed 18 cases of CVST from 20 million vaccination from the Astra Zeneca vaccine in Europe. The relationship between these theories has not been officially established, stated Dr Ahmed.

Furthermore, he added, countries including Germany, Italy, France resumed vaccination with the Astra Zeneca vaccine. There was a video played during the briefing to demonstrate the safety and processes of Oxford Astra Zeneca, which was made by WHO.

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