“Disaster Fighters” initiative ready to tackle 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season

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As the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season is arriving, so in that matter. In partnership with the World Bank, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency will launch an initiative to improve disaster preparedness and resilience in the region known as “Disaster Fighters.”

This year many Caribbean cricketers, Caribbean music talent, and well known Caribbean personalities will also join this initiative so that they can spread the survival messages related to hurricanes, COVID-19 pandemic volcanic eruption and other natural or artificial disasters.

With the musical video that has been filmed on islands of Anguilla, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti in this musical film, many Caribbean cricketers and artists have been featured like Darren Sammy, QPID and Ricky T from St Lucia, Sir Garfield Sobers from Barbados, Mr Killa from Grenada, Tafa Mi Soleil from Haiti, Omari Banks from Anguilla, Kieran Powell from St Kitts and Nevis, and Darren Ganga and Stacy Ann King from Trinidad.

This initiative will also engage its population through social platforms like TIK-TOK and social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Important messages. Material for the critical situation in a disaster can be asked from the website of the Disaster Fighters.

Executive Director (acting), CDEMA, Elizabeth Riley, noted that many Caribbean nations are fighting with many natural hazards like drought, COVID-19 pandemic, volcanic eruptions and now the upcoming season of Hurricanes. So, in this case, the people should be innovative and empowered with the necessities in which includes the plans, information and tools to tackle the situations that the disaster will pose. Still, the people should face the situation without any fear.

Tahseen Sayed, World Bank Country Director for the Caribbean, said that the past year has been very challenging for the Caribbean. Although much of the region has managed the health effects of the pandemic through early actions, the socioeconomic impacts have been severe. That was more important than ever that year for Caribbean countries and people to be well-prepared for hurricane season. They are pleased to support this innovative new campaign from CDEMA to help protect Caribbean lives and livelihoods

CDEMA said that the cricketers and the artist who will be taking the initiative will distribute their autographed items like cricket balls dress to be auctioned in the initiative.


This initiative is supported by the Africa Caribbean Pacific – European Union Natural Disaster Risk Reduction (ACP-EU NDRR) Program, the Canada Caribbean Resilience Facility, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, Binance Charity. The campaign was developed by the risk communications firm Pacifico.


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