Anguilla reopening its border for tourists from May 25th

The Anguilla is opening its island for the tourist and released some instructions for the tourists those are arriving to Anguilla

Anguilla reopening its border for tourists from May 25th
Anguilla reopening its border for tourists from May 25th

Anguilla: Anguilla announced that they have successfully managed the recent cases of COVID-19 in a very effective way. So, in the same way, they will carry their safety measures forward in future to fight the spread of coronavirus on their island.

Quincy Gumbs-Marie, the island’s Permanent Secretary for Tourism, said that they have acted swiftly and implemented several proactive measures to manage and look after the infected cases of Covid-19, along with a long vaccination drive.

The result is that they are confident now they can safely reopen while protecting the health of their residents and tourists who came to Anguilla to relax their minds.

Looking for safety, Anguilla announced many plans recently, in which they will introduce new protocols on entry for vaccinated tourists, and these protocols will be taken ahead in the coming time as a safety measure to lower down the effect of the COVID-19 virus on the Island.

New Measures
According to these protocols, the Island had reduced the quarantine period of 14 days to 7 days for only vaccinated tourists; this will all happen after knowing the region and country from where the tourists came.

Anguilla instructed all their visitors that will come to their Island from July 1st 2021. The visitors should get fully vaccinated at least three weeks before arrival and a negative test report within 3-5 days before arrival on the Island.

Anguilla has a target to complete the vaccination of its 70% of people within a month. These all safety measures will help Anguilla to open its island for visitors. By this means, it can generate a good revenue that will help the island to look after its patient if identified in future.

After closing the borders of Anguilla for over a month to decrease the effect of the COVID-19 virus spread in their people the country reported new COVID case on April 22nd.