Nevis: Spencer Brand welcomes team of GSD, discusses disaster management
Nevis: Spencer Brand welcomes team of GSD, discusses disaster management

Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: Minister of Communications, Works, Water Services, Physical Planning and Environment, Posts, Labour and Disaster Spencer Brand recently received the team from Global Support and Development (GSD) to Nevis. GSD is a humanitarian organization which is committed to rapidly responding to disasters in collaboration with at-risk communities for natural disasters and supports them in preparing for future disasters.

As the Minister for disaster management, Minister of Disaster Management, Minister Spencer Brand welcomed the team of Global Support and Development and engaged them with his team. Minister Brand shared glimpses of this meeting through his social media account.


Following this, Minister Brand expressed that it was his honour to welcome Nevis Kate Dischino, Director of Partnerships; Megan Runyon, Humanitarian Vessel Partnerships Manager; Vince Milioti, Safety and Security Advisor, and John Kammeyer, Director of Response. During the meeting, the team of the Minister of labour and Disaster et al. also discussed the issue of climate change and vulnerability to climate disasters such as hurricane with stakeholders on the island as to our island’s priorities and identified Synergies and Opportunities that will be beneficial to our island.

Here, the Minister of Disaster management in the Nevis Island Administration expressed his gratitude to the team of the Nevis Disaster Management Director, Brian Dyer, for coordinating this visit. At the same time, he confessed that he is looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the team of the humanitarian agency, Global Support and Development.

The Caribbean islands remain vulnerable to the threat of hurricanes and other natural disasters, and in line with this, the islands need to stay vigilant to the impending risk of these natural crises. Accordingly, Minister Spencer Brand’s meeting with the GSD is expected to turn into a long and fruitful relationship which will go on for years to come. The association with the GSD will prove beneficial to the island of Nevis as they will remain alert and prepared to deal with natural disasters in the future.