St Kitts and Nevis: Premier Brantley expresses gratitude towards delegation of MSR Media
St Kitts and Nevis: Premier Brantley expresses gratitude towards delegation of MSR Media

Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: Premier of the Nevis Island Administration and the leader of the opposition of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis – Mark Brantley, shared a glimpse of his meeting with the delegation of MSR Media, which has been shooting many films in the island nation.

While expressing his pleasure and gratefulness, he mentioned, “So proud that we had the vision to build this and to have done so during the midst of the Covid19 pandemic. We thank MSR Media for its partnership. Nevis was the true star of all of these films done here.”


Brantley concluded his post, thanked the delegation and said, “I am so proud that when our history is written, we can all feel proud that this all began with a zoom call with Phillipe Martinez in December 2020. Huge thanks to all who made this possible and especially to the Cabinet, which gave its fullest support. Please share and share and share.”

Premier Brantley has also expressed pleasure in welcoming the team from Global Support and Development (GSD). Brantley shared a post by his colleague Spencer Brand, who took social media and noted, “I had the privilege of welcoming to Nevis, a team from Global Support and Development (GSD), a humanitarian organization working under the mission to rapidly respond to disasters in collaboration with at-risk communities for natural disaster and supported them in preparing for future disasters.”

He further stated that it was his honour to welcome Nevis Kate Dischino, Director of Partnerships; Megan Runyon, Humanitarian Vessel Partnerships Manager; Vince Milioti, Safety and Security Advisor; and John Kammeyer, Director of Response.

Brand highlighted, “We had fruitful discussions with stakeholders on the island as to our island’s priorities and identified Synergies and Opportunities that will be beneficial to our island.” He added, “I want to thank our Nevis Disaster Management Director, Brian Dyer and his team for coordinating this visit. I am anticipating a long as well as a fruitful relationship.”