JPS launches first Agrivoltaic Farm in Jamaica, aims to enhance crop & solar energy production

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Kingston, Jamaica: The power utility Jamaica Public Services (JPS) officially launched the first Agrivoltaic Farm at a recent ground-breaking event at the AC Marriott Hotel in New Kingston. The farm aims to enhance the country’s crop production and its demand. 

The Jamaica Public Services collaborated with East-West Power (EWP) Korea, which is one of the two major shareholders in JPS, i.e., The JPS Foundation and the Portland-based College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE).

Agrivoltaic farmers are striving hard to foster the crop cultivation and solar energy production and for the same, they have installed solar panels which ensures that plants are able to receive adequate amount of sunlight.

This step is expected to bring positive outcomes to the overall development of Jamaica in terms of food security, renewable energy production, and environmental stewardship through agricultural reformation and innovation. 

The programme is projected to be implemented in five phases over the next 24 months- from March 2024 to February 2026. It will also work for the betterment of the rural people and increase the rural economy. 

“The agrivoltaic farm, which can revitalize the rural economy and expand eco-friendly energy, is a project of interest to the current EWP’s President, Kim Young Mun”, added Young Chan Lee, Vice President of EWP during the launch event. 

He underscores the scope of the programme that the 50kWp agrivoltaic farm will decline the climate change by reducing the carbon emissions from the replacement of fossil fuel. 

“This project will also be critical in addressing and reducing environmental problems such as smoke, noise and fuel spills due to existing diesel power generation”, Vice President Lee remarked. 

The agrivoltaic farm focuses on providing renewable energy for the CASE campus, agricultural products, securing agrivoltaics technology, and several other business models in the Caribbean. 

According to Seung Yeun Han, a Director of Envelops and developer of the agrivoltaic farm ensured that this programme will strengthen the technical capacity of the students in climate change agriculture and renewable energy operations. 

Additionally, the Ministry of Agriculture officials are seeking to build a more resilient and sustainable future by using sunlight to produce clean energy and nutritious crops. 

To enhance the agricultural sector, this particular project will provide a number of employment opportunities to the people of Jamaica in the field of agriculture. 

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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