Jamaica makes a concerted push towards sustainable energy development. (Image Credits: Development Bank of Jamaica)

Jamaica to supply 100 MW of power from renewable energy sources

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The Caribbean nation of Jamaica is taking a groundbreaking step in sustainable energy development by in the latest edition of the power purchase agreement. The nation’s General Procurement Entity (GPE) has promised to initiate 100 MW of power generated completely by renewable energy sources.

In the process, Jamaica is looking to cut down on carbon emissions while maintaining its energy supply. With the entire world making a push for renewable energy sources, as opposed to fossil fuels, Jamaica’s decision to get ahead of the curve shows remarkable foresight.

The power purchase agreement is a 104-page document that deliberates in detail the pre-operational period, warranties, payments, billing and compensations. It also delineates other responsibilities and rights that fall under the remit of the revised system.

Bids will be accepted between January 25th and the 1st of February with the contract length of a staggering 20 years.

These details are a sign of the intended longevity of the system which is being seen as a long term and sustainable solution to Jamaica’s energy needs. Depending on the efficacy of this shift, Jamaica is likely to progress on this path with vigour.

Caribbean nations have been focusing on sustainable, renewable sources of energy, which would help them in their fight against climate change. Since the climate crisis has been in full flow, Caribbean nations have suffered the wrath of natural calamities on a regular basis, leading to an immense loss of life and property.

As a result, Caribbean nations have looked to counter these issues by building disaster resistant infrastructure and introducing policies that move away from prevailing sources of power generation, towards climate friendly options.

Thus, this move by Jamaica is being seen as a step in the right direction, not just for the nation but for the entire region. By taking collective action, Caribbean nations have managed to build a front which has the capability to set an example for larger nations as well.