Jamaica to host two-days Global Tourism Resilience Conference from Friday

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Kingston, Jamaica: Jamaica will host the second Global Tourism Resilience Conference to address the matters related to building resilience in tourism. Prime Minister Andrew Holness will inaugurate the conference on Saturday with global tourism resilience awards.

The meeting will feature panel discussions, networking opportunities, presentations and debates. The Ministry of Tourism and the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre (GTRCMC) revealed that this two-day event will be started on Friday.

Schedule of the conference

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett disclosed the schedule of the conference. On the first day (Friday) will host academic and other thought-leadership discussions and discourses.

The delegates will engage in the discussions on tourism resilience on the second day. “The second day will be the day dedicated to discussions on tourism resilience. Now the importance of that day….that the United Nations (UN) has designated as Global Tourism Resilience Day.

The tourism minister added that Jamaica is considered as a second developing country that has been able to be established globally for any discipline or any kind of economic or social activity and that for World Global Tourism Resilience Day.

It is to be noted that the conference will hold a talk regarding education and tourism, aiming to explore the possibility of establishing a Caribbean Tourism Academy.

“Jamaica is particularly proud of this designation, as it is because of our Prime Minister’s speech to the UN in September of last year calling for a Global Tourism Resilience Day, (which) followed my presentation to the UN… on the 6th of February 2023, at which 94 countries immediately supported and co-sponsored the resolution”, remarked tourism minister Bartlett.

Moreover, the UN Tourism Executive Secretary- Natalia Bayona will also take a lead in talks with the Jamaica Centre for Tourism Innovation (JCTI), and HEART/ NSTA Trust, among other academics, including GTRCMC Director- Professor Lloyd Waller.

Bartlett added that they will visit the University of the West Indies as the human capital is needed to enhance the tourism growth and it is a crucial development to foster the opportunities of the tourism sector of the Caribbean at large.

Moreover, this conference is expected to bring positive results and enhance the tourism sector of Jamaica as Tourism generates income for a multiple businesses and opens a wide array of employment opportunities.

It is quite evident that tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries which directly fosters the economy of any country.

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