Grenada: Lindon Victor wins bronze at World Athletics Championship, Philip Telesford celebrates victory

Grenada: Lindon Victor wins bronze at World Athletics Championship, Philip Telesford celebrates victory

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St George’s, Grenada: Parliamentary Representative of St George South East, Philip Telesford, congratulated the renowned sports icon of Grenada, Lindon Victor, for securing a bronze medal in the World Athletics Championship in Budapest.

Parliamentary Representative took social media and noted, “Today, I awoke with a profound sense of joy in my heart.”

“Just last evening, I came across a picture shared by Lindon Victor’s sister Thia—a snapshot of a moment where he questioned the divine timing. I found myself reading and rereading his words, and a smile spread across my face. You see, I’ve also found myself questioning the timing of events in various aspects of my own life,” he added.

In addition to this, he mentioned that as the nation celebrates Lindon’s exceptional accomplishments, he extends his message to the athlete: Lindon, your query found its answer in Isaiah 60:22, “When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.” And indeed, the time arrived.

Furthermore, Minister Telesford also stated that he is overjoyed to declare that THE LORD HAS ANSWERED LINDON. He wished to commend the sports icon wholeheartedly for his remarkable and truly outstanding performance at the Budapest World Championships.

“In achieving this, you’ve not only showcased your immense athletic ability but have also underscored your unwavering resolve and resilience, especially in the face of the health challenges you navigated throughout the year,” he stated.

“Your dedication to your craft and your ability to shine on the global stage resonate as an inspiration—an embodiment of the results that stem from unyielding effort, perseverance, and an authentic love for what one does. Lindon Victor, your achievements stand as a beacon, casting light on what is attainable through hard work and a passion that knows no bounds. Grenada stands united in immense pride!” the post by the Minister read.

He added that he must emphasize that your accomplishments extend beyond you; they are a culmination of the support of a community and the steadfast guidance of your family, coaches, friends, and, by extension, GRENADA. To Lindon’s family and his dear coaches, your pivotal role in his extraordinary journey is acknowledged with gratitude.

Additionally, he praised Team Grenada for their exceptional participation in the sporting event. “In this time of celebration, let us not forget to extend our appreciation to Team Grenada: Kirani James, Anderson Peters, and Halle Hazzard. Your exceptional performances at the games do not merely add to our national pride; they serve as a wellspring of motivation for budding athletes and our entire community,” the Parliamentary Representative noted.

Philip Telesford, while concluding, said, “As Lindon Victor’s story continues to inspire and uplift, let us collectively embrace the lessons his journey imparts—lessons of determination, unwavering spirit, and the fulfilment that emerges when the timing aligns with destiny,” adding, “Congratulations, Lindon, and to all those who have contributed to this grand triumph!”