Grenadian Digital Creator Cheney Joseph shares vision for future development
Grenadian Digital Creator Cheney Joseph shares vision for future development
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St George’s, Grenada: Digital Creator of Grenada, Cheney Joseph, recently expressed his viewpoint towards the government of Grenada for its outstanding work towards the growth and development of the nation and its people.

While sharing his conversation with one of his friends through social media, he mentioned that he was speaking with a friend and businessman whose services he needed a day before.

“After his completion, we sat and had a great chat on different topics, including politics, sports, the economy, our infrastructure, education and SpiceMas,” he mentioned.

Joseph added that “the conversation was great and very high level as he had so much to say though he seldom speaks out. I asked him what are those things.”

According to the post, he wishes to see this happen in Grenada in the very near future. He said, “Boss man, there are so many, including me, wishing our people could come together to grab opportunities available in Grenada, which others have been taking because we are so disunited and cowardly as a people”.

In addition to this, he expressed a desire to see the government prioritize the following.
1: Widen the road from Vendome to Birchgrove to allow four lanes
2: An exclusive state-of-the-art restaurant in Grand Etang with adequate parking, allowing locals and visitors to enjoy the ambience and our culinary expertise.
3: Add in every secondary school a Technical wing to accommodate the teaching of technical programs from form 3 in every secondary school covering architectural drawing, construction, plumbing, civil, marine and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive and IT.

“I thought these ideas were excellent and asked him for permission to share his vision publicly. His justification for the third was that many kids are leaving school without any assurance of jobs, and there is a lack of sufficient skilled persons in those fields here in Grenada,” he outlined through his social media post.