NAWASA Grenada seeks bidders for climate-resilient water storage tanks project

NAWASA Grenada seeks bidders for climate-resilient water storage tanks project

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St George’s, Grenada: NAWASA Grenada called for a precautionary call for all the eligible Grenadines.

As per the update, the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) has commenced the implementation of projects under Component Three (3) of the GRENADA CLIMATE RESILIENT WATER SECTOR (G-CREWS) Project which is funded by GREEN CLIMATE FUND (GCF) and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) through the German Development Agency Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

This project supports the integration of climate resilience into Grenada’s water sector by improving NAWASA’s water storage capacity, will ensure sound and climate-responsive regulation of water resource management and will eventually lead to a strengthened institutional and regulatory system for climate-responsive planning and development.

The purpose of this call for prequalification is to design and construct ready-to-use 9 (nine) Water Storage Tanks in open technology as a part of the construction of water transmission lines at several sites in Grenada.

The scope of this project is stated below:
– Construction of five (5) tanks with 1364 m3 storage capacity in Grenada
– Construction of one (1) tank with 909 m3 storage capacity in Grenada
– Construction of three (3) tanks with 230 m3 storage capacity in Carriacou
– Guaranteed lifetime of 50 years or more
– Guaranteed Hurricane class 3 resistance
– Guaranteed availability of spare parts during lifetime
– Easy maintenance
– Earthquake safety (check and

An applicant (herein called “COMPANY” shall be a legally established manufacturer/construction company or Joint Venture (JV). Maximum allowable Joint Venture partners shall not exceed three (3) partners.

The final awarded COMPANY will be requested to:
– Provide a preliminary design, including all civil, piping and electrical works
– Elaborate on the detailed design of the entire site based on the existing preliminary design, existing survey as well as existing geotechnical investigation at each site, health, safety and environmental protection plan
– After approval of the detailed design by NAWASA/GIZ, manufacture and supply the tanks, inclusive of all fittings, valves and appurtenances as mentioned in the detailed design and shipping of all required material to Grenada
– Prepare (including access) the site, construction of foundations, tanks, connecting pipes, valves, fences and electrical installation ready to use
– Test and commissioning

The tanks, pipes and appurtenances have to be manufactured and tested and shall meet the requirements according to the related AWWA or equivalent standards.

Any COMPANY who is interested in providing the above-mentioned services is requested to submit the documents listed below:
1. Provide an introduction of the company and/or the consortium applying (max. two pages)
2. Provide copies of original documents defining the constitution or legal status, place of registration (Company Certificate), principal place of business and written power of attorney of the signatory. All documents should be updated. (max three pages for each company/member of JV)
3. Provide references of accomplished similar design/manufacturing or construction projects within the last five (5) years. (max ten pages for all members of a JV together)
4. Provide the expected shipping route, delivery time and construction duration (draft of schedule). (max three pages)
5. Provide the total value of construction /design/manufacturing work performed for each of the last three (3) years. (max one page for each company/member of JV)
6. Statements of financial capacity showing annual turnover within the last three (3) years (Statement of turnover or annual tax statement of the last three (3) years). (one page for each year for each company/member of JV
7. Provide numbers of and specifications of own key employees and major machinery (max ten pages for all companies/members of JV)
8. Provide proof that the manufacturer is observing international labour laws (one page for each company/member of JV)
9. Provide data regarding the expected emission of greenhouse gases (one page)
10. Provide an Affidavit that the firm has not been blacklisted by any Government, Semi -Government, international development institution & private institute, nor has it been involved in any litigation in the current or during the last three (3) years must be recently released (one page for each company/member of JV)
11. Method statement with detailed information of the type and technical specifications of the provided solution in terms of:
Type of tank and material
Lifetime and guarantee
Disaster resistance (hurricane, earthquake, etc.)
Confirmation of the suitability of the used materials for potable water storage. The certificate must be issued by an international agency according to standards NSF/ANSI/CAN 61, EN 681.1 WB ACS, DVGW W270, FDA 177.2600 or similar.

The method statement shall not exceed ten pages.

Any applications exceeding 57 pages will not be considered in the further process of shortlisting.

After reception of the documents, NAWASA will prepare a short list of a maximum of eight (😎 eligible bidders to submit their financial offers.

NAWASA reserves the right to check other sources available to verify information submitted in the prequalification applications. If an Applicant knowingly makes a misrepresentation or an omission of a material fact in submitting information to NAWASA, such misrepresentation or omission may be sufficient grounds for denying prequalification to that Applicant, rescinding the Applicant’s prequalification, rejecting an Applicant.

The selected COMPANY have to accept that NAWASA reserves the right of inspection of the manufacturing process by NAWASA employees or a hired third-party quality control unit. The costs of inspection have to be covered by the manufacturer as a part of the offer.

The selection of shortlisted bidders will be made according to their professional reference, comprehensibility of the method statement, expected delivery time and environmentally friendly production, shipping and construction.

Based on their expression of interest, the shortlisted COMPANIES will receive a Bill of Quantity and other auxiliary documents, as well as the Terms of Reference, to prepare the technical and financial offer.