Grenada: NAWASA improves, expands water production

Grenada: NAWASA improves, expands water production

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St George’s, Grenada: The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), as part of its Capital Expenditure Programme, is currently expanding and improving its water production and supply network infrastructure throughout the State of Grenada, the latest update by the Authority outlines.

The update has informed that in line with this commitment, NAWASA is inviting interested parties to submit Expressions of Interest in the construction of three water storage tanks and an operator’s quarters as follows:

The scope of this project is stated below:
• Construction of one (1) water storage tank with a 10,000-gallon capacity at Diamond, St. Mark
• Construction of one (1) water storage tank with a 100,000-gallon capacity at Pomme Rose, St. David
• Construction of one (1) water storage tank with a 50,000-gallon storage capacity at Plaisance, St. Andrew
• Construction of a building facility to house two work crews, with a materials storage facility, access road and parking at Observatory, St. George

NAWASA shall supply all pipes, fittings and appurtenances, while the provision of tools, equipment, labour and sundries required for the execution of the works shall be the sole responsibility of the interested party.

Interested parties shall provide their company’s profile detailing the following:
(a) Name of company
(b) Registered business address
(c) Copy of business registration certificate
(d) Experience with regard to construction of pipeline installations.
(e) Core business of the company
(f) Name of principal contact with appropriate authorization
(g) Contact e-mail address & telephone number

All submissions shall conform to the specified requirements given above; otherwise, submissions may be disqualified.

According to the update, the deadline for the submission of the requested information and any supporting documentation in respect of this process is September 11, 2023. The documentation should be sealed and clearly marked “CONSTRUCTION OF WATER STORAGE TANKS AND BUILDING FACILITY”.