Mahindranouth Jaipaul's body has been found. Picture Credits: Fb account

Decomposed body of a missing man found in Guyana

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The decomposed body of a fisherman was found on Friday afternoon at the Eversham Foreshore.

The deceased has been identified as Mahindranouth Jaipaul, a resident of Lot 14 Mon Repos North, East Coast Demerara, Guyana. Mahindranouth had been a fisherman for the last seventeen years.

Manipaul Jaipaul, the brother of the deceased, found him. While talking to the media in an interview, Manipaul disclosed that his brother was dressed in short black pants and a red T-shirt.

The victim’s brother stated that he identified him by seeing the mark on his chest.

While explaining the whole scenario, Manipaul stated that On Wednesday, 8th November, he left his home and went to Number 69 Village, Corentyne Berbice.

Mahindranouth and three other crew members went for a fishing trip in the Suriname waters. They were supposed to be there for a period of two weeks.

On Sunday, 12th November, an issue occurred and the fishing boat encountered difficulties leading to Jaipaul sinking.

Totaram Ramdharry, the owner of the boat SK 1798, a resident of Berbice, said he received a call from the captain who informed him that there was a mishap. He stated that the engine of the boat had failed and water was also entering the boat at an alarming rate.

The owner of the boat informed his son and other relatives about the matter and told them to head towards the sea to provide them with assistance.

When they reached the location of the tragedy, three members were spotted along with the icebox Jaipaul was holding on to that box but the box began to break, which led to the fisherman losing his grip and disappearing into the water.

However, the captain and the other crew members of the boat managed to swim ashore.

Then, the report of the missing person was filed at the Springlands Police Station. The officials responded to the report and took immediate action by conducting a proper search.

The officials tried their best, but they couldn’t find Mahindranouth anywhere. Then, on Friday around 11 am, the family member of the missing person received the shocking news that his body had been found at Eversham Village, Corentyne Berbice.

This devastating news came as a shock for his family members, but they were pleased to have found the body of the fisherman because they thought that they would never be able to see him again. Thus, they will be able to conduct the last rites of the fisherman.

Thus, this incident was very saddening for the family members of the fisherman.