Shaika Chase (left) Loris House (Right). Picture Credits : fb account of Guyana Daily News

Police officials conduct Search and Stop Exercise in Guyana

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Police officials in Guyana conducted a stop and search exercise on Friday, 27th October 2023, at Eccles Access Road, East Bank Demerara, near Sage Pond, at 11:00 pm.

During the process, the police officials stopped one white Allion car with the registration number PXX 9496. The officers found two men sitting in said motor vehicle.

Shaika Chase, a 39-year-old Taxi driver, was sitting in the driver’s seat and has been confirmed as a resident of Farm, East Bank, Demerara.

Loris House, a 34-year-old man, was sitting in the co-driver seat. He is a gold miner and confirmed to be a resident of South Georgetown.

Loris House was carrying a black backpack that was lying on his lap and was acting in a very suspicious manner when the police decided to stop the vehicle.

The Police officers said they had every reason to investigate the suspects and their vehicle, which was agreed to by both occupants of the car. The police were operating under the suspicion that they were in possession of illegal drugs, ammunition or arms.

A complete check and frisking was conducted involving the car, the driver and the passenger.

The officers found:

– One pair of foot cuffs

– Two pairs of handcuffs in the car.

When the police questioned Shaika Chase about the things they found in his car, he replied that he is not the owner of this car.

A prior warning has been given to Shaika Chase for the possession of military stores.

Police officers also investigated the black haversack that was lying on Loris House’s lap.

The things found inside the bag included:

– Black and silver .357 Magnum firearm

– Six .38 rounds of ammunition

– US$99 

After being informed of the offences, he was apprehended, given a warning and then he claimed ownership of the gun.

Following this procedure, both suspects were taken into custody and transported to the Providence Police Station.

Public opinions on this matter:

One person commented- Why arrest the taxi, he was doing his job. He didn’t know what the passenger had in his possession.

The second person commented- These are hardened criminals! Just jail these punkasses for a long time.

A hilarious comment read- You guys doesn’t have to have guns to rob people. Their faces could make Frankenstein run back into his coffin and hide.

Another individual commented: Looks have nothing to do with it. Some guys have handsome faces, but they’re more devious than these two guys. Having a gun means you’re a criminal.