Guyana: President Ali promises to eliminate crime

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President of Guyana – Dr Irfaan Ali has made a promise to the general public that his administration will do its best to eliminate crime from the country, noting that the government will target the hotspot areas of the crime.

The latest statistics show that there has been a decrease when compared to figures released in the year 2020.

President noted that “The issue of crime is one of major concern for Guyanese nationals. “One crime is too much. Whether it’s petty, whether it’s major, one crime is too much.”

The President noted that crime in the island had decreased 19.4 percent, while Region One recorded a huge decline in the crime rate that is – 132.4 percent. He noted that Region 5 recorded a decrease of – 52.1 per cent, and Region 4 A recorded a decline of – 43.4 per cent from the previous period.

On the other hand, Guyana witnessed an increase in the migrant population which is leading to social and economic issues that further result in a crime.

“So, we are now targeting some specific policies and programmes to deal with Region One because if we are to reduce crime by 50 per cent in Region 10, then the national crime rate will be further reduced by more than 25 per cent,” the President added.

He noted that his administration is also planning to consider executing incentives for members of the force, citing that, “Where there is good performance, there must be differentiated treatment. You must be recognised for good performance incentive-based crime-fighting”.

Following the statement, he added that the government would connect the entire country with CCTV cameras which will assist in the investigation and reduce crime.

“More crimes were caught even before they were committed, or were cracked before they were committed because of the proactive work and the intelligence gathering. You do not have a President who will hide from any issue. I am going to be upfront in dealing with every issue that challenges the people of this country”, he further added.