CHTA introduced new measures for speedy recovery of Caribbean’s tourism industry

CHTA introduced new measures for speedy recovery of Caribbean's tourism industry
CHTA introduced new measures for speedy recovery of Caribbean's tourism industry

After reopening the several businesses or planning to do so have encouraged many stakeholders of the tourism industry. The reopening also shows the increasing sign of recoveries. However, still, some business related to the tourist industry is still challenged and struggling to return to the operating levels and the open business environment that was in the region before COVID-19.

Vanessa Ledesma, Acting CEO and Director General for the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), said that the effects of a slower recovery could have an even more adverse result on Caribbean governments and businesses and warn the return to work for many in a region where tourism has been the economic mainstay.


Ledesma has a positive approach towards the recovery of the COVID-19 infected patients in the Caribbean region, but she also said that according to the survey conducted by CHTA impact of COVID-19 on the tourism business is a subject to be concerned about.
Ledesma also stated that ironically, the region has been well-positioned to recover quickly because of Caribbean tourism’s strong appeal and proximity to significant travel markets where consumers have been anxious and have already begun to escape.

Out of all, 14% of the stakeholder of the tourism industry said that they are about to face permanent closure due to the cases of COVID-19. 37% are still in doubt and saying that they might face closure that is still a possibility. When the hotels and tourism business is about to open or to plan to open, this news came into the limelight. The industry got help from the survey due to which they can arranging new health measures for themselves.

Agency and therefore the Caribbean Tourism Organization. These protocols, alongside effective policies by many of the region’s health authorities and governments, have contributed to the Caribbean’s success in containing COVID-19 to a level below the worldwide average.

Employers cited various areas where support would help to attenuate the threat of closure and speed up recovery. These included increased marketing and PR efforts by industry and government; unemployment support for those employees who still haven’t fully returned to work; tax credits to support the rehiring of employees; electricity relief; collaborative efforts to stimulate the return of airlift; low-interest, soft loans and payment deferrals from banks; and tax relief and payment deferrals.