Caribbean leaders congratulated Barbados for becoming a republic state

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Caribbean leaders have congratulated Barbados island for cutting its ties with the Queen, becoming a republic state. With this, the island now has its first-ever President. 

Various Caribbean leaders were also present at the islands’ republic ceremony.   

Dominican Prime Minister cited, “The Government and People of Dominica extend warmest congratulations to the Government and People of Barbados on becoming a Republic. The transition to Republican status is indeed a momentous occasion that promises a deeper sense of self-determination purpose among the citizens of Barbados”. 

He also wished good luck to Dame Sandra Prunella Mason for becoming the first-ever President of the Republic of Barbados, adding, “We stand in solidarity with the leadership and citizens of Barbados as you welcome a new system of governance, which is in line with the values and ambitions of the population.

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago – Dr Keith Rowley asserted, “A hearty congratulations to all the people of Barbados on becoming a Republic on behalf of the people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, my family and myself as Prime Minister”. 

The Grenadian Prime Minister – Dr Keith Mitchell, was present at the ceremony and cited through his Facebook post, “My friends, tonight, Her Excellency the Governor-General and I are in Barbados. It is really an honour to be part of this historic moment as Barbados transitions to a republic and installs its first President. I want to commend my friend, Mia, for taking this bold step, and I wish her every success as she continues to manage the affairs of Barbados.”. 

Other world leaders have also congratulated the Caribbean island for removing Queen as head of the state and stepping into a new era after being under the rule of the Queen for more than 400 years.  

The occasion was celebrated with dance performances and music. 

The Prince of Wales was also present at the republic ceremony, who, during his speech, acknowledged the “appalling atrocity of slavery” the island has gone through in the past years, adding that, “The creation of this republic offers a new beginning”.