Another Journalist brutally stabbed in Afghanistan

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Kabul: Since the takeover of the Taliban, the attacks on the media personnel have been rising in Afghanistan. In another shocking incident, a reporter identified as Javid Yousif was fatally stabbed by people on Sunday evening.

Yousif is a Kabul based reporter and is working for Ufuq news. The victim, while in conversation with the media, citing that he is not having any personal grudge or conflict with anyone.

Describing the incident, he added that some people were following him; two of them attacked and then stabbed him with a knife. “I was bleeding,” he added.

The data reveals that in the previous week, atleast five cases were reported of crime against Journalists in numerous provinces of the Muslim nation, such as – Balk, Takhar, Kunduz, and Kabul.

The information was provided by the authorities of the Afghanistan National Journalists Union – ANJU, highlighting that the crime against the media personnel is unacceptable. ANJU further noted that the government must look into the matter and take some serious steps to investigate.

Over social media, there is frustration and rage among the journalists, as they demand justice for their mates, underscoring that freedom of expression is getting worse day by day.

As per the journalists, the Afghani administration failed to fulfil its promise of protecting freedom of expression.

One of the journalists cited, “Unfortunately, the government of Afghanistan has failed in fulfilling its promises that it has made with the international community. The situation of journalists is worsening”.

People around the globe are condemning these occurrences while questioning the Taliban led Afghani government. This is a direct stabbing to the right of information and the freedom of one individual to express.

While the other journalist stated that they are not against the government, and neither being a journalist is a crime.

If these types of incidents continue to occur and no action is taken, it would not provide a safe environment for the journalists to deliver the truth to the public.


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