Afghanistan:More than 700 members of Olympic committee quits after Taliban’s takeover

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Kabul, Afghanistan: As per the International Olympic Committee, after the takeover of the Taliban, over 700 members of its community are still living in danger.

The information was shared by the IOC on Tuesday. IOC further noted that for these members, the organisation is making every effort to get them evacuated to safe countries.

IOC added that “The IOC has been informed that a no. of those having to remain are suffering from the ‘humanitarian crisis’ in the nation with regard to the availability of food and clothing.”

In both matters, the NOC (National Olympic Committe) of Qatar has offered logistical cooperation with regard to transport from Kabul & the distribution of the humanitarian assistance.”

Previously in the month of September, IOC president Thomas Bach noted that all the Afghan athletes participating in the Tokyo Games as well as two hoping to qualify for the 2022 Winter Olympics, had fled the nation.

“They are mainly women & girls practising sport, as well as those supporting them & promoting women’s access to sport in the country. With regard to these members of the ‘Afghan Olympic Community’, the IOC is continuing its assistance in two different ways”, the IOC said.

Earlier this month, Taliban militants beheaded a player( identified as Mahjabeen Hakimi) of Afghan’s Junior Women’s National Volleyball Team. Not only this, but Taliban militants threatened the family members of the girl not to speak anything about the incident.

Hakimi played for Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club. She belonged to Hazara ethnic group, which is already being tortured by the Taliban for decades.

Since the Taliban has taken complete control over Afghanistan, the militant group has tried to identify and hunt down the women athletes.Taliban is even more keenly looking for women players who have represented the country in foreign and domestic competitions.