US drone bombs the “bombers” of Afghanistan’s Islamic State

US drone bombs the
US drone bombs the "bombers" of Afghanistan's Islamic State

On Sunday, a strike of a U.S. drone blew a vehicle with multiple suicide bombers inside. Those suicide bombers were Afghanistan’s Islamic State affiliate. They were expected to attack the ongoing military evacuation at the International Airport of Kabul. Three children have also died in the attack, stated Afghan.

As just before 2 days from the U.S. concluding the evacuation mission from Afghanistan, the strike was done. Massive two-week-long airlift of more than 114,000 Afghans and foreigners and retire the last of its troops came to end. This is the ending of America’s longest war with the Taliban.


On Saturday, President Joe Biden declared to continue the airstrikes against the extremist Islamic group involved in the Kabul airport bombing. The attack carried out by a suicide bomber of an Islamic state group cause a high number of Afghans dead and 13 American soldiers. President Joe Biden warned about another attack similar to the recent bombing at Kabul.

A statement from U.S. Central Command said that the U.S. is aware of reports of civilian casualties and is assessing the results of the strike. Navy Capt. William Urban, the spokesman for Central Command, said that “substantial and powerful” subsequent explosions resulted from the destruction of the vehicle, which may have caused additional casualties.

The corpse of 13 American soldiers are on their way two United States. At the same time, it was ending the twenty-year American war that caused more than 2400 US military casualties in Afghanistan. This ending came with the return of the Taliban movement to power in Afghanistan that was halted since the U.S. forces invaded Afghanistan.

Shortly after the attack, the press secretary of President Biden said that the president would do everything that would be possible to honour the sacrifice that the soldiers made.

The Pentagon issued the names of those killed in action in the blast— 11 Marines, 1 was a Navy sailor, and 1 was an Army soldier. Twelve of them were mainly from the age group of 20. Some were born during 2001. The oldest was 31.

According to the statement by Pentagon, only a few number of soldiers are now present at Kabul airport. Now less than 4000 soldiers are hasting to complete the final withdrawal before the evacuation deadline on Tuesday. President Joe Biden has decided on this deadline.