Afghanistan: Taliban arrests man for trafficking 130 women

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A man in Afghanistan has been detained by the Taliban for trafficking around 130 women in the region of Northern Afghanistan.

The officials noted that the man used to make poor women fall into the trap that he would get them marry to a wealthy man and end up allegedly selling them into servitude.

Damullah Seraj – the Taliban provincial police chief, while told the media that the accused was taken into custody from the region of northern Jawzjan province late on Monday.

We are still in the initial stages of the investigation. We hope to find out more about this case later,” he further cited. Besides this, no other information has been provided by the Taliban.

Apart from this, on Tuesday, the Taliban interior ministry informed that around 60 people, which also includes – members of the passport department, were detained for forging documents to obtain passports.

After which, the ministry stated that it was temporarily closing the passport office in Kabul for its maintenance.

In addition, the Afghan girls and activists have been protesting against the Taliban, calling on the administration to open doors of school premises for them too. Taliban has claimed that secondary and high school girls have been allowed in seven provinces of Afghanistan to attend school. While in some provinces, the Taliban administration has also banned girl schools for grades 7 to 12.

Since the takeover of the Taliban, the poverty and hunger crisis is rising to its extreme in the country, forcing the vulnerable ones to sell their daughters. Heartwrenching scenes of girls aged 12, 16, 10, even 5 and 4 were seen being sold to a wealthy man who, in return, provided the asked amount to the family of girl.

The future of women and girls has been crushed by the hypocrite Taliban administration giving it a name of protection.