Afghan girls calls on Taliban administration to reopen schools for them

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Afghan girls and activists are calling on the Taliban administration to reopen the doors of schools for them. Although, the Taliban has claimed that secondary and high school girls have been allowed in seven provinces of Afghanistan to attend school.

Taliban spokesperson earlier stated that girls would be allowed to come and study in the schools, as the government is planning to make some education policies for them, but no decision has been announced yet, as thousands of girls await the decision which will decide their future.

While in several provinces, the Taliban also banned girl schools for grades 7 to 12. This shows the hypocrisy of the Taliban government.

One of the students stated, “We want to go to – school. The Islamic Emirate should not apply a “double standard” to permit girls in some provinces to go to school but then ban them in other provinces”.

This is not voice of a girl, but she’s speaking on behalf of all the schoolgirls whose future is being crushed by the Taliban administration by giving it a religious perspective.

Moreover, the employees of the – Education Ministry voiced concerns over not getting paid for the past three months, according to a media house.

“I have not been paid for the past 3 months. The men of the family are also – jobless. We are struggling with a – lot of problems,” noted Halima, an employee of the ministry.

Recently, the acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi stated that “Taliban already has constituted an inclusive government which includes representatives from each and every ethnic group across Afghanistan”.

“We have Tajiks, Balochs, Turkmens, Nuristanis, Uzbeks, & a number of other ethnic groups. If by – inclusivity they mean the – participation of diverse ethnic communities in Afghanistan & people from different regions of the nation, then our current cabinet & the government meet that criteria”, he noted.